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  • 1) Dave632 57 Nomad Rebel
  • 2) Nosubfor3 Vette blue silk
  • 3) JJWallace Mustang Dream Crusher
  • 4) Kiwidave Dodge Villian
  • 5) Schlesenerj Buick Grand Nat'l
  • 6) Hilltop 55 Chevy Grady
  • 7) ECBill Dodge Steeler
  • 8) Eagle Cobra Snake Eyes
  • 9) SKR Slayer
  • 10)79malibu Corvette
  • 4-GEAR OUTLAWS Top 10 List

  • 1) JJWallace T bird Leihua's Rose
  • 2) Nosubfor3 57 Chevy Purple Haze
  • 3) Dave632 70 Camaro Jungle Jim
  • 4) ECBill Dodge blue streak
  • 5) Kiwidave Racing Thunderbird
  • 6) Hairy Canary Aces Wild Willys
  • 7) Hilltop Comp Cams Camaro
  • 8) Eagle Racing Dodge Daytona
  • 9) SKR Lucifer
  • 10)Jim Russel
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    by dave632
    Back from Vegas where we did OK. Finished in the 16-32 group out of 256, better than last year. Glad the cars made it back OK.
    by dave632

    I will most likely be hosting a race in November which is not on the list.
    by dave632
    I remember Arnie the farmer Beswick from long ago.
    by Eagle Racing
    49 Pro Mod Mercury

    by jjwallace
    Stock Vega is very close to making a mold. Only some minor blems and a final sanding. Cowl induction and a stock GT type spoiler have been added. I'm happy with how it is turning out, but I am really working toward the Doorslammer version :) . '66 Nova will be remolded when I do the Vega. The original mold split out. That silicone was part of a Starter set from Micro Mark and is not as strong as what I am currently using.


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