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    by SKR
    Opening Soon
    by SKR
    Opening Soon
    by dave632
    Here are the classes for the April race at Smoky Mountain.

    Super Stock: AFX, X traction, or T jet 14 ohm arm ceramic magnets, braid allowed.

    Comp: AFX X traction, Magnatraction, T jet with 14 tooth gear allowed. This is the same class that our list race cars run.

    Super Comp: Inline 2.5 arm with any inline chassis, braid and polymer magnets.

    AFX list races, any challenge matches.

    I will hold my second race of 2017 in November with the same classes exact dates to be announced.
    by dave632
    Gymi Avatar
    dave632 Avatar
    Welcome to the fun of list racing and good luck. There are a lot of quick cars on the list and it seems to be getting stronger.
    I'm really looking forward to it Dave, just hope my cars can keep up.
    You'll do fine.
    by dave632
    kiwidave Avatar
    Dave632, I have a stock Tjet Hot Rod on the way to race your Banana car! Voltage?

     Dave I was just joking with Jeff when I said stock T Jet as we are racing all out NTF cars which is what the lil yella banana is. However I can see if I can put together a stock T jet as I have none. How "stock"  is your hot rod? I see big rear tires and it looks as stock as my old Chevy Beretta with the 632 in it. Or is it ready for a race against the yella banana?


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