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by fisherman
Been Drag Racing on AW Drag Track since 2011.. we have always used AW Ultra G with Dot magnet....My Question is I got a few Older Thunder Jets with NO Dot Magnet...When they race down Track (20 Feet) they want to Wobble side to side...using 13.5 Volts...Thanks for Your Help....
by steve1138
After reading the artical, Peter Clifford sounds like a double talk master. If you have the closest racing it seems natural that you would want to promote that not upset it. Making the cars do more wheelstands just sounds dumb to me, but thats my opinion. These cars are suppose to be the top class of natural aspiration. I hope the cars still look and act that way after the changes. I really love prostock, its my favorite of the classes, I dont want it to be deminished because of some percieved problem.
by reig3

Its the home gallery for other galleries I have posted. This year will be the fourth year it runs. Its awesome to watch. I heard cars are being shipped in from Japan and Europe this year to play on the beach. Its turning out to be quite the event, its a sh*t ton of fun to watch and a very cool vibe from everyone.

Thanks for the compliment on my pics.


Eagle Racing Avatar
Ditto Jeff! Very nice pics Bob is that an annual event?

by Eagle Racing
Ditto Jeff! Very nice pics Bob is that an annual event?
by steve1138
I just counted how many drag racing related slot cars I have... 90! Im sure there are guys with more but I built this collection in just over a year. Thats it, Im addicted... I gotta call autoworld anonomous.

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  • Labor Day Eliminations at Thunder Road
  • September 5th - 7th
  • Featuring:
  • Super Stock T-jets
  • Gasser T-jets
  • Econo Dragster 4 Gear
  • Click on the poster below to sign up for the "LABOR DAY ELIMINATIONS"
  • National Thunder Rod Association

    We welcome all racers from beginners to the more experienced to compete in “HO Proxy Drag Racing”. No membership costs or entry fees. Just sign up, build to the provided rules, send your cars in with return postage money and watch the action unfold as your cars race against other competitors from all around the world. Since 2008 the NTRA has always been about promoting HO Drag Racing with focus being placed on keeping it friendly and fun. Come on in to Nitro-Slots to learn more about the NTRA and for all HO related drag racing items such as where to buy cars, tracks, timing systems and parts.


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