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    by 79malibu
    55 Chevy blue t jet, red 60 vette, afx blue javelin,silver and black grand natl afx, 3 unpainted - thunderbolt,Henry j ,33 Williys all t jet.
    by 79malibu
    2- stock t- jets- purple 69 camaro,red vega,2- s/ s t- jets,70 red dash Chevelle,67 black 67 Chevelle with alum. Double flanged wheels,2- tuff ones with mean green arms, red 69 firebird,red,white and blue Williys, 2- mod. T jets with mean greens,black Johnny lighting chassis, yellow and orange Williys body's,2- afx stock magna trac chassis, yellow 79 firebird, white and green 70 vette, 2- mod afx magna trac chassis mean green arms,white and blue viper, red 55 Chevy with silver flames, 1- auto world nostalgia funny car 4- gear la hooker, 2- aurora 4- gear with red ,white, and blue body, orange vega,2- super g with life like bodies, red camaro,blue grand am. 2- trays of top plates,arms, tires,pick up shoes,gears, brushes and other goodies. Buy 1 or all taking offers putting house up for sale gotta move this stuff thanks. Mac
    by kiwidave
    Really, really nice work. Monster car looks great.
    by marz4545
    by jjwallace
    Completed the next 2 of the 4 builds. The '66 Nova and the "70 Chevelle. Threw out all of my individual sponsor decals and reprinted everything. They turned out very nice this time. I just haven't been sealing them good enough. I should have done that before I did the Daytona. I usually cut my windows out and use clear styrene, but I already had so much time in these that I left them in and tried a couple of different things. First.....I hate using a brush to paint larger areas due to it leaves brush marks. Well I proved that to be the case again because the ones that I painted look like that. The black I can live with this time, but the silver looks like crap. Too late to change it now. On the '66 I tried a technique that Hilltopspeedway passed on to me awhile back. I used decal paper. I printed a block of silver color onto white decal paper, cut it to fit the window, and then applied. It came out pretty nice. He actually told me to airbrush the color onto some decal paper, but I chose to print it since I was already doing decals anyway. Nothing fancy on these, just some solid color and decal work. Also just purchased some surgical type micro scissors from Micromark that are worth their weight in gold.....and that is no lie! are the next 2. The only 1 left is the '69 Nova.


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