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by dano
Thanks JJ! Yes, that helps a lot. I was doing it wrong now that I read your post...

Just ran the new GT40 for the first time tonight and wow, this thing is on a whole new level from our other cars! My buddy got the track in really good shape and we did some testing. We learned what you guys probably already know. These inlines are FAST! Here are some pics...

by kdog
While at the St Louis show today the Dog committed to buy a unopened case of 100 original Aurora T Jet chassis. I am willing to sell 50 for what I paid witch is $18 per chassis these are un touched new old stock T Jets, possibly the last available at this cost. I am willing to sell in lots of 5 for $90 or 10 at $180.

I am not happy at offering these at this price but reality is this may be the last chance to buy unmolested unused chassis fresh from a case of 100 you may have.

I am offering this at more than 1 site so if you want any PM me.

by kdog
Well the fall show season is over with the St louis show now in the books.....The Dog ain't sad cause the Spring season is right around the corner.... I will share a few photos.[/IMG][/URL]
Anyways a good show for the Dog sold out of Mavericks...sold out of RRR wheels, and put a good dent in the Decal slection I had.
Anyways I hope everyone can make it to one of the Midwest shows coming up feel free to contact the dog with any help with arrangements.

WOW after looking at the photos I sent in....You can cleary see in the first photo SANTA IN THE HOUSE....looking for TOYS for GOOD Girls and Boys.....HOW COOL IS THAT

by SKR
yeah that baby is in the weeds. Great job on the stance!
by kiwidave
Great looking Pro Stock car. Nailed the stance.


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