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    by nosubfor3
    ecbill Avatar
    Easy assembly & disassembly
    Adjustable wheelbase
    Adjustable traction magnet height
    Provision to mount wheelie bars

    Adjustable Brush Barrels
    Designed to use readily available motor and traction magnets.
    Narrow the rear of the chassis to be able to tuck wheels under bodys.
    by ecbill
    Easy assembly & disassembly
    Adjustable wheelbase
    Adjustable traction magnet height
    Provision to mount wheelie bars
    by SRT
    Hello all !
    As soon as i get cought up a bit i will be designing and machining a drag race specific chassis.
    It will use a inline motor,funny car,top fuel and pro stock.
    What ideas would you like to see in the chassis?
    by dave632
    Introducing the Fall Nationals HO drag race at Smoky Mountain dragway,  November 11-13th.

    72 car front view

    72 car rear view
    This race will feature inline classes. 

    Here are the rules for all 5 classes that will be run in November:

    All classes will run at 20V, max 4 cars per class.

    Independent front wheels, are legal in all classes

    Hard plastic or resin bodies only all classes except unlimited. Wheelie bars OK in all classes.


    Inline stock:

    Basically stock inlines with stock 6 ohm arms, stock pickups, basically stock gears and stock ceramic traction and motor magnets, no braid.

    Inline Super Stock:

     Any stock production Inline 6 ohm or higher, ceramic motor and traction magnet, chassis, no specialty chassis, BSRT/Wizzard,Viper etc.  Any slip on tire or wheel,
    wheelie bars allowed. Hard plastic or resin bodies only. Any gears allowed. Braid and shunts allowed.

    Inline comp:
    Any basically stock type Inline chassis similar to the ISS class above but with 2.5 ohm minimum armature allowed.

    Inline super comp:

    Any inline chassis running a hard plastic or resin body, no lexan. 2.5 ohm arm minimum, Ceramic or Polymer motor or traction magnets, ANY aftermarket chassis, tire or gear, wheelie bars, braid and shunts allowed. Bodies must be mounted solidly in this class as speeds will hit 30+ mph.

    King of the strip unlimited:

    For the brave hearts out there, no rules, car must be roughly HO size, Lexan OK. This class will feature cars that hit 40+ mph and as much as almost 70mph so make sure the bodies are well mounted. Only things injured so far have been bodies in this class.

    by jjwallace
    Fades on top...fades on bottom...light fades...dark fades.......and that stripe just keeps getting finer and finer! Awesome work!