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    by kiwidave
    Had the pleasure of going to "Mustang Alley" for some Thursday night racing. Autoworld track, 1000ft timed section and slot dragon timing gear.
    I returned the Kiwi Challenge cars to their owners and after a discussion about how the Challenge racing went qualifying began.
    Ham1200 and I managed to spoil the party by taking out a couple of finals. We had no answer for the other classes!
    A great night racing and big thanks to Paul for hosting.

    by hilltopspeedway
    That is one cool shop!!! Ya hiring any part time help???
    Outstanding hauler!!!RM
    by kdog
    Reloading some Slat flat / Dry lake racers deleted by pb one of my favorite subjects the Dog believes these post war racers were the beginnings of Drag Racing.DSCN7220 by kdogz, on FlickrDSCN7219 by kdogz, on FlickrDSCN7218 by kdogz, on FlickrDSCN7221 by kdogz, on Flickr
    by kdog
    Here is the first hauler made from resin made with displaying slot cars in mind. It's a static model (not a working chassis) by Doug & Rick at hairy Canary. 64 / 65 Dodge w/ 58 Fury Pro Stock.

    DSCN7217 by kdogz, on FlickrDSCN7216 by kdogz, on Flickr
    by dave632
    Time is getting short, roughly 3 weeks until race day.
    List race address:

    1929 GRENADA BL.