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NTRA OUTLAWS Top 10 Current List Standings by SKR

Pro Street Outlaw as of 05/15/2019

1. Gnome,  Charger "Grimace"   
2. Dave632, 57 Vette "Rebel 2"
3.JJWallace, Mustang  "Dream Crusher"  
4.Mazda, 55 Chevy Nomad
5..Ecbill, Corvette "Steeler" 
6.Kstocks, Mustang  "Wicked One" 
7. Nosubfor3, Corvette  "Blue Silk"
8. Hairy Canary,  Vette "Vicious"
9. Hilltop, 55 Chevy  "Grady" 
10. KiwiDave, Cuda "Villian" 

Four Gear Outlaw as of 05/15/2019

1. Hairy Canary,  Willys "Aces Wild" (defended)
2. Gnome, Monza "Dreamcycle" 
3. JJWallace,  Chevy Pickup 
4. Dave632,  Camaro "Jungle Jim"
5. ECBill, Charger "Blue Streak" 
6. GTS, Chevelle  "Draggin Waggin"
7. Nosubfor3, 57 Chevy  "Purple Haze" 
8. KiwiDave, Thunderbird  "KD Racing" 
9. Eagle, Racing Daytona Charger  "Sinister" 
10. Mazda, Nova "Texas Drifter" 


Recent Posts

by dave632
I have all the cars tested and pretty much ready. A couple have fallen off including the 57 Vette outlaw car which was running like the old 57 Nomad did until I touched it???
by jjwallace
That right there is fricken awesome! I'm always amazed at how straight forward and easy these ideas are.
by GTS
Wow, June has almost disappeared, that was fast.
Just a friendly reminder that only 5 weeks from today your Hot August Nationals entries will need to be mailed and received at Good Time Speedway. I'm sure that those 5 weeks will zoom by also :) .
Still plenty of time to get some cars built!
by hairycanary

Thank you Rick for sharing your mod! How is the slotted chassis for the rear axle holding up for you? I add the epoxy for the same reason....backup. The super glue works pretty good once it sets up good, but I don't trust it. First car I used a 30 minute epoxy and the second I used JB Weld.[/quote]

Jeff the slotted chassis I've done has worked flawlessly. My Aces Wild was the first one I did and I bet it has well over 150 passes on it (I would have to look up the records on it)and I have the original crown gear still in it. I used Eagles design and the How To he posted was it right on and easy to do. Thank You Eagle for that. And my new favorite super glue is the Gorilla brand with the brush.  The epoxies I've been using is the JB Kwik Weld it sets in 6 min and they have a JB Plastic weld that works really good that sets in 5 min. I hate waiting :D

by hairycanary
I kept having problems with the wheelie bar on my 4G cars. I drilled the holes in the back of the chassis and I super glued and epoxied them but they would come loose and the wire would poke through and rub on the crown. I didn't want them permanent so I made a piece to fit the back of the chassis it's held on with one screw and seems to work pretty good. Then I made a copy and cast a couple up. As soon as I get moved into my new house hopefully in the next week or so and I get settled in and I'm going to start casting again on a smaller scale I will have these available. It might be until late summer or longer before I get squared away ? This what I came up with.
Untitled by rick williamson, on Flickr
Untitled by rick williamson, on Flickr
Untitled by rick williamson, on Flickr