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NTRA OUTLAWS Top 10 Current List Standings by SKR

Pro Street Outlaw as of 10/01/2019

1. Dave632 57 Vette "Rebel II" (defended)   
2. JJWallace Mustang "Dream Crusher"
3. Gnome Charger "Grimace" 
4. Nosubfor3, Corvette "Blue Silk"
5. Ecbill Corvette "Steeler"
6. Kstocks Mustang "Wicked One"
7. Mazda '55 Chevy Nomad
8. Gibbo61 Charger "Mauler" 
9. Hilltop '55 Chevy "Grady"
10. Sjracer Corvette

Four Gear Outlaw as of 10/01/2019

1. JJWallace Mustang "Bounty Hunter" (new)
2. Dave632 Camaro "Jungle Jim"
3. Nosufor3 '57 Chevy "Purple Haze"
4. Gnome Monza "Dreamcycle"
5. Hairy Canary Willys "Aces Wild" 
6. Sjracer Monza
7. Ecbill Cuda "Carolina Crusher"
8. Mazda Nova "Texas Drifter" 
9. Gibbo61 Belvedere "Troublemaker" 
10. GTS '57 Chevy "Voodoo Child" 


Recent Posts

by ecbill
Let us know how you like these die cast cars once you receive yours. The Muscle Machine line as a whole tends to be wider than most 1/64 die cast. I haven't seen any of the Nitro Coupe series in person yet. Hoping they follow that trend. There are a few others in the series that might make nice slots: 37 Chevy, 33 Willys and 41 Chevy.

The research on Dan Nickelson's Baretta lists it as Nitro Coupe/Pro Mod. It seems like he ran it in the Super Chevy Shows.

Jeff, I'm not sure it they would be useable but I have a few NASCAR Oldsmobile Cutlasses from the 90s that may be a good foundation to make a Warren Johnson car. As I recall, he raced Pro Stock but don't remember how close to stock appearing the cars were in that era. If you like, I can pull a few out for you to take a look at.

by jjwallace
ecbill Avatar
Saw some Baretta die cast cars on eBay that Dave might find interesting.  They are 1/64 scale Muscle Machines. The Baretta is called Big Gun and is a replica of Dan Nickelsons car.  

Ill bet bet you might be able to get one of our talented resin casters to duplicate one for you!

Pic of real car.

You guys have gotten my attention with this. That particular body is a funny car. I am more interested in a Pro Mod/Pro Stock look, so some modifications will have to be done. My vision is more along the lines of your Beretta Dave. I am going to pick up one of the die cast cars and see what I can do with it. I have found that almost always those die cast cars are too narrow for our use and need to be widened. The Beretta body is one of my favorites on the GM side of things and I don't know if anyone is casting one. Those are the projects I like.........the cool cars nobody is doing. I also want to do a 1993ish Warren Johnson Cutlass, but those seem to be hard to come by. 
by dave632
Pete I have run some .49s on my track with both the 55 Chevy and the Beretta SS cars. Those were best times however and not consistent. I am sure you can do it.
by pete
Im only working on one class also this race. .50 is the wall, maybe a .49 SS is possible?
by dave632
I month before the race.

Hope everyone is preparing their cars. I am only working on the unlimiteds, the rest are on their own.
Wizzard called me and they have some more Silifoams in stock, just not shown on their web site.