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PSO-8 NTRA 2017 Smoky Mountain Spring Nationals April 21-23
  • Current Top 10 LIst

  • 1. Dave632 "Rebel Nomad"
  • 2. Angry Jeff "Dream Crusher"
  • 3. Nosubfor3 "Blue Silk"
  • 4. SKR "Slayer"
  • 5. ecbill
  • 6. Eagle Racing "Snake Eyes"
  • 7. 79Malibu
  • 8. Kiwi Dave "Villian"
  • 9. HillTop "Grady"
  • 10. Gymi
  • Smoky Mountain event details and sign up list. by SKR

    alright fellas there is still plenty of time to sign up so if you have the urge........ now's the time to get involved. Our popular Pro Street Outlaws list has expanded to 10 spots with only 6 of those spots being filled to date. If you have a PSO ( rules can be found here )  and want to join in on the fun then there is no better time or place to get involved. We have new competitors coming to Smoky Mountain and the list is expected to fill up soon. All it takes to participate is the willingness to compete and the cost of having your car shipped back to you. Everyone currently on the list has been willing to help each other out with tech advice to help make each others car run better (if needed). That's really is what it's all about, making the cars quicker and pushing each other to the best of their tuning abilities while maintaining their spot on the list,  all while trying to move up. If you need braided pick up shoes, just ask myself or JJwallace and we will make sure you have a set to run at this coming event and future events.

    You do not have to be a member of Nitro Slots to participate. You can sign up on Slot Car Illustrated with Dave632 and you can also now sign up on our Nitro Slots facebook page.

    PSO #5 at Smoky Mountain 11/25/2016

  • Smoky Mountain hosted PSO event #5 which was the last PSO event for 2016. With the weather cooling off everywhere the action on the track was hot. 79Malibu and ecbill made their debut to the list and proved that they have the performance to shake things up. 79Malibu's name is quickly becoming known as he cracked the top 5 while taking down some veteran PSO competitors. Ecbill secured the #8 spot, respectfully. Nosub advanced to the #4 spot and barely missed out on taking the #3 spot from "Angry Jeff" missing out by .0194. Dave632 hasn't lost a race since joining the list at PSO event #3 and was chomping at the bit to take the #1 spot from SKR. With the crown on the line... both drivers knew they had to throw all they had at their tune ups. This was sure to be an all out battle not to be missed. Dave out 60' SKR and never looked back. SKR was hard charging on the big end but it wasn't enough to break the beams first as Dave became "King of the list" by a narrow .0127. Blacktop Raceway will be holding PSO event #6 on January 27th, 2017. Check out the official "PSO call out" thread to view the latest call outsfor this event.
  • PSO #4 at Pike Peak Dragway 10/29/2016

  • PSO returned to the thin air at Pikes Peak Dragway for race #4. Day 1 saw returning competitor Eagle call out Nosub for the #5 spot. Eagle came up a little short leaving Nosub with his call out on the #4 spot of Dave632. Although Nosubs "Blue Silk" was running good at PPD, it was not enough to bump Dave's Nomad from his position. The final race on day 1 was Dave632's call out for Kiwi's #3. Dave's Nomad dragged Kiwi to the line as his Cuda could not settle down and get power to the track. On day 2 things continued to heat up at the top list as SKR was able to take the #1 spot from Jeff when gear problems became an issue with his "Dream Crusher" Mustang. Dave632 had a call out reserved for the #2 spot which was now occupied by Jeff which ended up being more of the same issues for Jeff. Call outs have already begun for PSO #5 and will surely be an event you will not want to miss! Here are the current list standings as we head to Smoky Mountain.
  • 1. SKR
  • 2. Dave632
  • 3. Angry Jeff
  • 4. Kiwi Dave
  • 5. NOSUBfor3
  • 6. Eagle Racing
  • 7. open
  • 8. open
  • 9. open
  • 10. open
  • PSO Event #3 at Bear Creek Dragway September 9-10th, 2016

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  • Angry Jeff took Kiwi-Dave's crown away this past weekend at Bear Creek Dragway. Dave dropped to #3 on the list and is chomping at the bit to make current class performance upgrades to try and regain his crown next month at PSO event #4. Newcomer Dave632 is quickly becoming known as a threat to the entire list after annihilating the shark pool and advancing to #4 on the list. SKR sits in the #2 position while nosub becomes the lists gate keeper at the #5 position. Stay tuned to Nitro Slots to see if Kiwi Dave and SKR can hold off the better performing cars of Dave632 & Nosubfor3 next month in Colorado. Any lurkers wanting to become a part of "Pro Street Outlaws" are welcomed and encouraged to enter. Just click on the link for PSO-4 in the box above.
  • First Event Pikes Peak Dragway 04/08/2016

     photo 20160408_181455_zpsz5gabtfn.jpg

    Call Out Rules

    Pro Street Outlaw call out rules... by SKR

    Every event should have at least 2 rounds of racing. Each racer will be allowed 1 call out per round for a total of 2 call outs per event.

    First come first serve as far as call outs go. We'll use the next event as an example. 

    First Round

    Call Outs

    1. sjracer

    Calls out Jeff


    sj wins

    sj is now #2, Jeff is #3
    2. JeffCalled out Dave

    Jeff is unable to race Dave because he lost his spot to sj.

    Jeff will race sj again for #2.


    Jeff loses and stays at #3

    3. SKRCalls out #3
    Races Jeff

    Beats Jeff. SKR is now #3, Jeff #4

    4. nosub
    Called out #4
    nosub races Jeff for #4

    Nosub wins and is now #4, Jeff #5

    As you can see Jeff had to race 4 times in the first round, sj had 2 races leaving SKR and nosub with one race. Round 2 call outs can be made after round 1 ends. sj can now call out Dave for #1. If sj loses, he could end up like Jeff.....since most likely those that had advanced in the #1 round will call out the positions ahead of them.

    It's very important to send your best performing car. Everyone wants to be #1, hopefully this type of racing will bring out the best in all of us and push us all to in becoming better tuners.

    Shark Pool

    If at least 2 cars show up in the shark pool, there will be a run off to determine who will get a shot at #5. If there is only one shark pool car, then they will run #5 in the first round. The shark pool The winner of the shark pool could end up as high as #4 for the event. This guy could have a hot car which should push the top 3 guys to stay on their game.

    Please post questions or feel free to suggest other ideas. As you can see, Jeff got beat up pretty bad at this event and depending on the call outs in the second round..... could end up off of the list for this event. Those that sent great tune ups have a shot at advancing a maximum of two spots at each event. Saying that means it would take a newbie 3 events before they could become #1. Since we don't race weekly, this could take up to 3-4 months however that gives the top positions guys to try and stay on top and makes the newbie work for it.

    Ideally one race a month would be perfect.. We need more tracks involved so if you have any interest in holding event, let me know. 


    Nitro-Slot Outlaws by SKR

    I know Jeff showed interest in holding the next PSO event so I thought I'd post the updated class build rules. We all have ideas on how to open this class up with different chassis builds however more testing needs to be done before we set new rules for this class. I propose we do not make any drastic changes until next year. Until then I encourage all to build different types of chassis to send along with their PSO for comparison and grudge matches. I feel the more info we can collectively gather, the better this class will turn out. Just think, no bickering of what pancake chassis has to be ran.... you get to run what you like. Could be a lot of fun.

    Below are the updated PSO rules for the remainder of this year. I did add braid and shunts to the rules as being legal. Like nosub mentioned, there are plenty of us that are willing to help make braided pick up shoes for competitors. Just ask.

    Chassis Build

    AFX/X-Traction & Non-Magna-Traction (updated 07/25/2016)


    Any slip on tire/wheel combo combination. Double flanged wheels allowed

    Tire diameter not to exceed .490" max diameter. Tires must not be wider than wheel used.


    Original top plate gears only. Any crown gear may be used. Gears may be blueprinted.


    Any factory wound armature. No lower than 5.0 ohm. Blueprinting permitted. No de-winding or timing adjustments allowed.

    Motor Magnets

    2 motor magnets max. Ceramic material only, Dash magnets are permitted. Magnets may be shimmed with non ferrous, non magnetized material. Magnets may be glued into place.


    Top plate must be of same mfg. as chassis. Blueprinting is permitted. No cutting on chassis or top plate Only one guide pin. Chassis may be cut for the addition of traction magnets and the relocation of the guide pin to properly fit a car body.

    Traction Magnets

    Allowed, no more than 2.


    Readily available. Stock or stock replacement. Braid and shunt wires are allowed.


    Body must have doors and fenders. Body mounts maybe repositioned. Only hard plastic, injection molded or resin bodies allowed. Scoops, wings, parachutes etc...are optional.


    Wheelie bars and up to 2 traction magnets can be used. Ballast is permitted but must not be visible from the outside of body.