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NTRA OUTLAWS Top 10 Current List Standings by SKR

Pro Street Outlaw as of  7/20/2021

1. Dave632 '55 Chevy
2. JJWallace "Dream Crusher" Mustang
3. Gnome "Grimace" Charger
4. Mazda '55 Chevy Nomad
5. Nosubfor3 "Blue Silk" Corvette
6. Ecbill "Steeler" Corvette
7. Hairy Canary "Vicious" Vette
8. Kstocks "Wicked One" Mustang
9. Finistauri '57 Chevy Nomad 
10) Chriskinsley65

Four Gear Outlaw as of 7/20/2021

1. Dave632 Summit Camaro
2. Gnome "Dreamcycle" Monza
3. Skillet "Wild Ride" '57 Chevy
4. Hairy Canary "Aces Wild" Willys
5. Mazda "Texas Drifter" Nova
6. Ecbill "Carolina Crusher" Cuda
7. GTS "Nashty" '55 Metro
8. JJWallace "Shaker" Vega
9. Nosubfor3 "Purple Haze" '57 Chevy
10. Chriskinsley65 Studebaker

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by swiftkart
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I've been in contact with the pro track guy. He's really into helping us out. When I told him we Frankenstein these things with axle plates and bearings he was more intrigued. He said the 15t shouldn't be an issue. I think he's trying to make a decision on the center hole for the axle. My opinion was make it a press fit. Go with a smaller hole and we can open the hole as needed.

I think in 2 weeks probably less now he'll have a prototype to check out. If it's good to go he'll start making them.i have no idea who's testing the prototype.
That sounds pretty awesome! I agree with you on  the smaller hole then it can be drilled to the size desired. Thanks Sam!
I just put a .036 shim on the bottom of the plate to mesh up with a 20T crown gear, works great.
by dynomike
Thanks, I have faith they will. I appreciate the kind thoughts.
by comet
                  Mike hope things get better wishing you and yours the best.
by jjwallace

Well it's race week and Raceday is in 3 days. The pits are filling up but there are a lot of racers that have yet to arrive. I'm really hoping everybody makes it on time. We've also had a few scratches from the entry list. I myself have had a couple of recent set backs that have slowed my race prep a little, but it will all come always does. I will start unpacking and posting some arrival pics tomorrow. Looking forward to the race!!
by jjwallace
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Please sign Me Up for
1-tJet SS
2-Inline cop

Kevin your cars arrived today. Welcome back to Bear Creek Dragway!