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NTRA OUTLAWS Top 10 Current List Standings by SKR

Pro Street Outlaw as of  5/23/2021

1. Dave632 '55 Chevy
2. Gnome "Grimace" Charger
3. Nosubfor3 "Blue Silk" Corvette
4. Mazda '55 Chevy Nomad
5. JJWallace "Dream Crusher" Mustang
6. Ecbill "Steeler" Corvette
7. Hairy Canary "Vicious" Vette
8. Kstocks "Wicked One" Mustang
9. Fiistauri '57 Chevy Nomad 
10) Shlesenerj Buick "G Body"

Four Gear Outlaw as of 5/23/2021

1. Dave632 Summit Camaro
2. Gnome "Dreamcycle" Monza
3. Hairy Canary "Ace Wild" Willys
4. Mazda "Texas Drifter" Nova
5. Skillet "Light Em Up" '57 Chevy
6. Ecbill "Carolina Crusher" Cuda
7. Nosubfor3 "Purple Haze" '57 Chevy
8. GTS "Nashty" '55 Metro
9. Chriskingsley65 Studebaker
10. Finistauri "Dolly" '32 Hot Rod


Recent Posts

by mazda
dave632 Avatar
crazynski Avatar
It's official. I'm in big trouble now. 10-mean green armatures just went into my shopping cart. Along with two 4-gear chassis, etc... Oops.  :D
 Sorry, I didn't mean to help start you on the path to HO slot car addiction. Hope you enjoy it. ;)
I don’t think that there is a cure for it yet :D . Just go with the flow and enjoy it. 
These little cars seem to breed well, you will soon have more.
by dave632
I noticed the Shark pools have a good amount of cars in them. Looks like our Gate keepers will
have their work cut out.
by dave632
Thanks for the info.
Always thought there were to many nit picky rules with that type of racing.
by chriskingsley65
skillet Avatar
Any time your ready roll. Landing area is clear.
Sounds good maybe finsh loadind up the rigs tonight.
by skillet
Any time your ready roll. Landing area is clear.