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NTRA OUTLAWS Top 10 Current List Standings by SKR

Pro Street Outlaw as of  2/17/2021

1. Nosubfor3 "Blue Silk" Corvette
2. Mazda '55 Chevy Nomad
3. Gnome "Grimace" Charger
4. Dave632 '55 Chevy
5. JJWallace "Dream Crusher" Mustang
6. Finistauri '57 Chevy Nomad
7. Ecbill "Steeler" Corvette
8. Skillet Javelin
9. Hairy Canary "Vicious" Vette 
10. Kstocks "Wicked One" Mustang

Four Gear Outlaw as of 2/17/2021

1. Gnome "Dreamcycle" Monza
2. Mazda "Texas Drifter" Nova
3. Dave632 Summit Camaro
4. Ecbill "Carolina Crusher" Cuda
5. Nosubfor3 "Purple Haze" '57 Chevy
6. Hairy Canary "Aces Wild" Willys
7. GTS "Nashty" '55 Metro
8. Finistauri "Dolly" '32 Hot Rod
9. Skillet "Light Em Up" '57 Chevy
10. JJWallace "Bounty Hunter" Mustang


Recent Posts

by dave632
Glad to hear the cars made it there safely. I will soon be doing a final check and sending my cars to Texas this week.

106 entries, not counting the list cars... You will be very busy Jeff!!!
by dave632
Nice work Jeff. I worked on an AFX chassis with a similar brass cluster gear. It also had problems with
the mesh. I believe it was just not long enough to meet the crown gear properly. Glad to hear yours made
50 runs with no trouble.
by dave632
Sorry to hear about Macs passing. May he rest in peace. I had built a couple of chassis for Mac in the past
and he was always a good guy to deal with.
by jjwallace
I got the FED Unlimited repaired and back together for a couple of test passes. Everything is looking good so far....hopefully it stays that way. Plan on doing some tuning on the Unlimiteds and the KW car this next week along with a track tune up. Put some new Eagle Racing shoes on the FED as well.

by alpink
no bother Mike.
it comes with the territory