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NTRA OUTLAWS Top 10 Current List Standings by SKR

Pro Street Outlaw (PSO) as of  8/6/2023

1. Swiftkart '55 Chevy
2. Gnome "Grimace" Charger
3. Pennywize619 Camaro
4. Ecbill "Steeler" Corvette
5. Skillet "Sloopy" '57 Nomad
6. Chriskingsley "Carlos" Pickup
7. Kstock "Wicked One" Mustang
8. Finistauri "Memphis Belle" '55 Chevy
9. Pete '55 Chevy
10. Carla60 "High Roller" '55 Chevy

Four Gear Outlaw (4GO) as of 8/6/2023

1. Swiftkart "Showtime" S10 Pickup
2. Sparks Plymouth
3. Pennywise "Last Ride" Hearse
4. Finistauri "Dolly" '32 Ford
5. Gnome "Dreamcycle" Monza
6. Skillet "Wild Ride" '57 Chevy
7. Mazda "Texas Drifter" Nova
8. Pete Aston Martin DB9
9. Ecbill "Wingnut" Corvette
10. Comley Customs "Flames" Corvette

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by sandfly
finistauri Avatar
Rich Its Green for sure Truly not Nitro Fuel for the Drag Cars 🤔 Fin
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They be RATTLE SNAKES, you should try one.
by finistauri
Rich Its Green for sure Truly not Nitro Fuel for the Drag Cars 🤔 Fin
by sandfly

Yes it was raining, not quite so cold, heaters were on.

So who is this guy, not pony boy but that fellow, seems we may have another interested petrol head to race slots.
A big welcome to Alf.

Qualifying came and went, did some cool times as well.

Nostalgia cars at the line, ready set go..., dont know who won.

Just in case you were wondering, waverly matt had these as prizes for whoever made the end of the track, As im not that fast i didnt get one.

To the racing we go.
Ofr went to jungle jim with a red light and the model A as always.
4ths no one
3rds- scribble in nostalgia, catch me in funny car, 52 chev in truck and willies in t/jet
2nds- f100 in truck, mac's tools in top fuel

just some ole cars doing their stuff.

To the chicken dinners we go, Ghost in pro-mod and willies in vintage gas.

Next week we are back on home turf, so till then.
by crazynski
A quote from "Photophucket" when I had an account. "We will never charge you to store your photos with us". What a big lie.

I have a problem in allowing people to help themselves to my wallet.
by jjwallace
dave632 Avatar
 What are some of you using for photo storage now? Flickr went up to 75.00 last time I looked so I stopped using them.

Yes they are into robbing people now. They know they've got us over a barrel so they keep jacking up the price ever since the Photobucket incident several years ago. I'm still using them at the moment, but not much longer. I'm not going to continue to pay those rates.