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NTRA OUTLAWS Top 10 Current List Standings by SKR

Pro Street Outlaw as of  10/10/2022

1. Gnome "Grimace" Charger
2. Ecbill "Steeler" Corvette
3. Chriskingsley "Carlos" Pick Up
4. Swiftkart '55 Chevy
5. Kstocks "Wicked One" Mustang
6. Pete Aston Martin DB9
7. Carla60 '55 Chevy
8. Pennywize619 Camaro
9. Finistauri "Memphis Belle" '55 Chevy
10. Nosubfor3 "Blue Silk" Corvette

Four Gear Outlaw as of 10/10/2022

1. Pennywize619 "Last Ride" Hearse
2. Skillet "Wild Ride" '57 Chevy
3. Swiftkart "Showtime" S10 Pickup
4. Mazda "Texas Drifter" Nova
5. Sparks Plymouth
6. Gnome "Dreamcycle" Monza
7. Ecbill "Wingnut" Corvette
8. Comet Chevy S10 Pickup
9. Ripprphigs "Something Evil"
10. Jbailey Chevy Luv Pickup

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by jjwallace
hairycanary Avatar
jjwallace Avatar
Rick the detail is outstanding on those bodies. Does any residual texture sand easily? I'm not sure how your printing material compares to the resins we use.
Jeff depending on what resin I use they all sand a little different and how long I cure them with the UV light. Like I said once I get a body scaled to what ever chassis then I’ll print it at a different angle with thinner layers. And it will be almost good enough to prime maybe one coat and little sanding.Different angle and a thinner layer takes about twice as long to print. Say 3 hours to 6 or more. And if the print fails thats a lot of wasted time. I want to make castings of the good prints ? I’m going to mount some 3D bodies and make some hits on the Top End shutdown and see if they survive ? The resin is UV cured and it’s going to take the place of a lot of body filler on customizing bodies. I’ve been playing around by applying the resin with a paint brush then curing it with a UV flashlight. It’s really easy to work with in 10 seconds and it’s ready for another coat, sanding or primer. And it’s good for joining parts. All still learning and experimenting. I’ll post some more pictures of other bodies and how the resin works on customizing.

Thanks for the info. I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to 3D printing. But I do know that anything CG usually comes with a steep learning curve. Sounds like you're getting it all worked out. I'm excited to see what the end result will be so keep us updated please. You've always got the cool toys! :D
by comet
               Clive best wishes  to your Mom . thank you to every one , thank you Al for running the race , and a big congratulations to our 1st place and 2nd place  winners!!! 8-)   8-)   8-)
by skillet
Exciting stuff Rick ,looks like a lot of learning
by lrobertson
I will work on getting a picture of my current setup. Thank you everyone.
by lrobertson
I am ok with this. If it is ok, I would like to leave it here to give others a chance to find my group and other groups on facebook.